HR Graduate Certificate

If you are ready to propel your HR career forward, but have limited time to commit, then Temple University has the solution. The Temple University Master of Science in Human Resources Management (MSHRM) program now offers certification in up to three of its Master-level courses. You'll gain a competitive edge without a long-term commitment.

Building Human Capital for High Performance Organizations (HRM 5114)

This course approaches employee training and development as a means to enhance organizational effectiveness and innovation. It examines ways to transform a company’s most valuable asset, its “human capital,” and build effective organizational cultures that will sustain high performance during periods of environmental turbulence.


Ethics & Social Responsibility in Organizations (HRM 5118)

This course looks at the ethical and social responsibility aspects of managerial decision making. Management’s responsibilities to its various stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors/owners, and society are stressed. The course presents an overview in-depth analysis of the various ethics and social responsibility issues and challenges in organizations and provides strategies to deal with these issues and challenges.

Organizational Communication & Information Management (HRM 5111)

This course focuses on interpersonal communication competencies of managers and understanding the nature and scope of strategic organizational communication—with a focus on both internal corporate information management (IM) as well as external IM–via the internet and through media outlets.

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